About Al-Aqsa Portal

It's a portal for Al-Aqsa staff to input multiple types of data of which students could review. It does ease the communication between students & staff, and ease the management of large data segments.

9 Types of Users
200 System Users
400 Records per Day
33,000 Records per Semester

A Responsive Portal

Our Portal is suitable to browse using desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, with future plans to build dedicated platforms for the various devices like mobile phone application.



A system for new students to apply to school and to follow the updates. Same goes for those who want to apply for a job vacancy.

Academic Data

Allows parents to follow the earned marks, get the transcript of semesters, check the classes' and exams' timetables.


Students' & Staff biodata storage enables them to get student / emplyoment confirmation letter automatically anytime.

Attendance Data

School management daily inserts the attendance data for all students as part of performance tracking.

Financial Records

Students' financial detalied records of required payments, approved discounts and payments already made.

Staff System

An engagement framework between staff and school management to review performance, submit application ...etc